Floral Design Competition

You’ll be amazed, inspired and amused at the creativity and artistry each entrant uses.  The floral design competition has twelve categories open to professional floral designers, garden club members, amateurs, and students.  First, second and third place winners are selected by an expert panel of judges.  Show attendees can vote for the People’s Choice winner.   Ribbons are awarded for Best of Show and Most Creative.

2017 Classes

1. Pirates Booty (FULL)- A botanical presentation in a treasure chest to include jewels, gems and colors of the sea
2.  Bamboozled – An abstract bamboo structure highlighted with two botanical elements
3.  A Formal Affair (FULL)- A formal evening dress made of flowers, foliage and pearls
4.  Fit For a Queen - A tiara and matching tussie mussie made of dried materials displayed on a mannequin head
5. Pane ‘N The Glass - An illusion of stained glass on an oasis sheet presented on an artist easle
6.  Clean & Classic (FULL)- A design with 30 stems of a classic monochromatic flower that incorporates denim and diamonds
7.  Walking Dead Down the Aisle (FULL) - An interpreted bridal bouquet for a zombie
8.  Birthday Glam  - A tablescape showcasing a flamboyant floral garland celebrating the birthday of one of the following:  Marilyn, Liberace, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Elton John or Cher
9.  Naturescape (FULL) - A container-free “naturescape” with three earthen elements:  log, rock, succulent, lichen, bark, foliage, moss, etc.
10. Besties (FULL) – A girly tea party using two flowers bearing girls names (e.g. Rose, Violet, Heather, Iris) 
11. Man’s Best Friend – A life-size replica of a dog using fresh or dried botanicals
12. 518 – An interpretive design of an iconic landmark from one of the following towns:  Saratoga, Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Lake George, Hudson, Catskill, Lake Placid.
13. Game of Thorns – An all rose arrangement with thorns fit for royalty
14. Ballroom Botanicals (FULL)- A botanical chandelier

A special thanks to the floral design committee for all their hard work and dedication.

Michele Peters, AIFD,  (CHAIR-Ambiance Florals & Events)
Erin Brady (Independent Floral Designer)
Marilyn Cederoth (Cedar Farm Wholesale)
Chris Grigas (Fleurtacious Designs)
Maureen Peters (Ambiance Florals & Events)
Tim Wells (Independent Floral Designer)

Attention Floral Designers

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Glossary of Floral Design Terms

Past Winners

1.   A Gross Arrangement – Michele Peters-Ambiance Florals & Events
2.  A Dinner To Die For – Donald Bennett-White Cottage Gardens
3.  I’ve Been Framed – Ashley Farrell, Market Bistro
4.  Up, Up and Ombre – Kamilla Najdek, Kamilla’s Floral Boutique
5. Botanimals – Laurie Costello, Indepdent Designer
6.  Just Married – Suzanne Becker, Blooms
7.  Bouquet Squared – Gretchen Squires, Poise Peddler
8.  Tipsy – On Thai, Surroundings Floral
9.  Binomial Nomenclature – Maureen Peters, Ambiance Florals & Events
10. Hawaii 5-0 – Stephen Dominiak, Surroundings
11. Four Seasons – Karen Campbell, Henry Clas Florist
12. Mini Me – Erin Brady, Independent Designer

Student Classes

13. Peter Rabbit’s Basket – Wendy Post, Schenectady ARC
14. Think Pink – Maleigha Ternain, Capital Region BOCES
15. Dazzling Daisies – Cheryl Martin, Schenectady, ARC

2016 Winning Exhibits

1.  “WWMD” What Would Martha Do - Linda Hursa, Angel’s Trumpet Flowers
2.  A Tuscan Table – Tamara D’Elia, Renaissance Floral Design
3.  Nest-Nid-Nido - On Thai, Surroundings Floral Studio
4.  Clueless - Craig Waltz, Independent Floral Designer
5. Perfect Pantone - Karen Ann Campbell, The Floral Garden
6.  Garment District – Erin Goldman Cooke, Rosery Flower Shop
7.  Pipe Dream - On Thai, Surrounding Floral Studio (Most Creative)
8.  Hand Picked-
9.  Heroes Among Us - Tina McDonald, Florals by Design
10. Masquerade Ball  – Stacey Collins, Fleurtacious Designs
11. Wine Tasting – Maria Magdalena Slone, Bethlehem Garden Club (People’s Choice)
12. Fantasy Flowers – Kris Ann Elario, Fleurtacious Designs (Best of Show)

2016 Award Winning Designs

  • Kris Ann Elario,
    Fleurtacious Designs

    Best of Show

  • On Thai
    Surrounding Floral Studio

    Most Creative

  • Maria Magdalena Slone
    Bethlehem Garden Club

    People's Choice