Floral Design Competition

You’ll be amazed, inspired and amused at the creativity and artistry each entrant uses.  The floral design competition has twelve categories open to professional floral designers, garden club members, amateurs, and students all scored by an expert panel of judges.

Floral Design Committee

A special thanks to the floral design committee for all their hard work and dedication.

Michele Peters, AIFD,  CHAIR-Ambiance Florals & Events
Erin Brady, Independent Floral Designer
Marilyn Cederoth, Cedar Farm Wholesale
Chris Grigas, Seagroatt Riccardi
Maureen McDonald, Ambiance Florals & Events
Tim Wells, Independent Floral Designer

New 2019 Award Categories

Best of Show and Most Creative picked by the judges.  Show attendees vote for the People’s Choice winner.

First place (one per class – highest score)
Gold (earn 90- 100% of all points)
Silver (earn of 80 – 89% of all points)
Bronze (earn of 70 – 79% of all points)

2018 Award Winning Designs

  • Jessica Campese, Independent Designer

    Best of Show

  • Shuheng Ji, Athabold Flowers

    Most Creative

  • Tina McDonald, Florals by Design

    People's Choice

Competition Information

Attention Floral Designers

Click here for a printable copy of the 2019 classes including the descriptions, instructions for registering and the New 2019 rules.


2019 Classes

  1. A Royal Affair – A botanical fascinator with a matching hat box arrangement.
  2. Kinetic & Chaotic – An arrangement commemorating Hitchcock’s classic film “The Birds.”
  3. Think Outside the Box – A balanced design using three to five wooden boxes in a monochromatic palate.
  4. Fabulous Foliage – Three-sided arrangement of all foliage in an urn suitable for the foyer of a grand hotel.
  5. International Arbors – Free standing arbor. Cape Cod Beach, Adirondack Woodland, Tropical Island, English Garden Australian Desert, Japanese Tea Garden.
  6. Roll Out the Barrow – A vegetative design in a wheelbarrow accessorized with vintage garden tools.
  1. Dynamic Duo – A super bouquet and a super boutonniere for a super hero wedding with super accessories.
  2. Broochtanical – A wearable vintage brooch made from botanicals, seeds, pods and dried flowers.
  3. Now You’re Cookin’ – A vintage kitchen tablescape representing a decade prior to 1980 with linen, a gadget and a centerpiece.
  4. Juxtaposition – A framed classic work of art accompanied by a modern arrangement.
  5. Dream Weaver – An abstract yarn dream catcher adorn with botanicals.
  6. April’s Fools – A wacky design of spring flowers in an unconventional container.
  7. “Then & Now”  A current trend & a historical perspective.  Two arrangements using the same flower for both.

2018 Winning Floral Designs

“The Royal Couplet”
Jan O’Brien, The Country Florist

“I Wonder…”
Elizabeth Thai, Surroundings Floral Studio

“Wonder-Full World of Pandora”
Jessica Campese, Independent

“She Said She Shed”
Maureen Peters McDonald, Ambiance Florals & Events

“Lyrical Wonder”
Laurie Costello, Ambiance Florals & Events

“A Grand Entrance”
Tina McDonald, Florals by Design

“Bo-Ho Beauty”
Tiffany Krofft

“Flowers, Fruit & Foliage”
Mackenzie Birkins, Renaissance Floral Designs

“Spring Chicks”
Jamie Sammons Radliff, Jayflora Designs

“I Love the 80’s”
Rich Coogan, Bill Doran Company

“Spring Into Action”
Arnie Maliszewski, The Country Florist

Michael Golden, Frank Gallo Florist

“It’s Just Brunch”
Erin Brady, Independent

Non-Judged, Garden Entrance
Northeastern NY Orchid Society

Non-Judged, Garden Entrance
Benjamin Hodder, Philip David, Frame of Light Designs

Past Winners

1.   A Gross Arrangement – Michele Peters-Ambiance Florals & Events
2.  A Dinner To Die For – Donald Bennett-White Cottage Gardens
3.  I’ve Been Framed – Ashley Farrell, Market Bistro
4.  Up, Up and Ombre – Kamilla Najdek, Kamilla’s Floral Boutique
5. Botanimals – Laurie Costello, Indepdent Designer
6.  Just Married – Suzanne Becker, Blooms
7.  Bouquet Squared – Gretchen Squires, Poise Peddler
8.  Tipsy – On Thai, Surroundings Floral
9.  Binomial Nomenclature – Maureen Peters, Ambiance Florals & Events
10. Hawaii 5-0 – Stephen Dominiak, Surroundings
11. Four Seasons – Karen Campbell, Henry Clas Florist
12. Mini Me – Erin Brady, Independent Designer

Student Classes

13. Peter Rabbit’s Basket – Wendy Post, Schenectady ARC
14. Think Pink – Maleigha Ternain, Capital Region BOCES
15. Dazzling Daisies – Cheryl Martin, Schenectady, ARC

1.  “WWMD” What Would Martha Do - Linda Hursa, Angel’s Trumpet Flowers
2.  A Tuscan Table – Tamara D’Elia, Renaissance Floral Design
3.  Nest-Nid-Nido - On Thai, Surroundings Floral Studio
4.  Clueless - Craig Waltz, Independent Floral Designer
5. Perfect Pantone - Karen Ann Campbell, The Floral Garden
6.  Garment District – Erin Goldman Cooke, Rosery Flower Shop
7.  Pipe Dream - On Thai, Surrounding Floral Studio (Most Creative)
8.  Hand Picked-
9.  Heroes Among Us - Tina McDonald, Florals by Design
10. Masquerade Ball  – Stacey Collins, Fleurtacious Designs
11. Wine Tasting – Maria Magdalena Slone, Bethlehem Garden Club (People’s Choice)
12. Fantasy Flowers – Kris Ann Elario, Fleurtacious Designs (Best of Show)
1. Pirates Booty – Tim Wells, -Independent Floral Designer
2. Bamboozled – Cole Zapp, Bill Doran Co.
3. A Formal Affair – Al Arnold & Laura Crandall, Market 32, Wilton. 2017 BEST OF SHOW.
4. Fit For a Queen – Emily Shook, Em’s Floral Design
5. Pane ‘N The Glass – Susan Peter, Bud’s Florist and Greenhouses
6. Clean & Classic – Lori Sagendorf & Judith Mango, Market 32, Glenville
7. Walking Dead Down the Aisle – Maureen Peters, Ambiance Floral & Events
8. Birthday Glam – Jessyca Keffer, Renaissance Floral Design
9. Naturescape – Tim Healy, The Posie Peddler, Inc.
10. Besties – Linda Hursa, Angels Trumpet Flowers & Gifts
11. Man’s Best Friend – Tammy Gorman, Market 32, Brunswick
12. 518 – Steve Dominiak, Surroundings
13. Game of Thorns – Danielle LaCavalla,
14. Ballroom Botanicals – On Thai, Surroundings. 2017 MOST CREATIVE

Terms & Descriptions

2019 Design Style Descriptions:

Abstract Design: a design which employs non-realistic use of natural/and or man made materials solely as pure elements -line-form-color-texture and space- to create a statement evoking a well thought out emotion.

Freeform Design: a general term for a composition with no specific geometric form, inspired by  unconventional ideas and patterns, yet adhering to the elements and principals of design.

Asymmetrical Design: a planned composition of parts, details, form, color, which does not express a state of equilibrium in that both sides of the design, with respect to a central vertical axis are unequal and do not mirror each other.

Bohemian Style: the appreciation for the effortless and subtle beauty of nature.

Della  Robbia Style: a composition characterized by the dominant use of fruit.

Monochromatic: a color harmony composed of tints, tones and/or shades of one hue.

Click here for 2019 Judges’ Sheet

Elements of Design:

Line, form, space, texture, pattern,size, color, and fragrance.

Principals of Design:

Balance, dominance(focal area/point), rhythm, proportion, contrast, harmony, unity.