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Since 1988 the Capital District Garden & Flower Show has proudly helped Wildwood Programs create community awareness and raise essential funds to nurture and sustain the critical programs Wildwood provides Capital Region children, adults and families.

2020 Wildwood Invest in Diversity (click here to watch video)

Wildwood provides people and families living with autism and developmental disabilities with the very best innovative supports.
For 50 years Wildwood has worked collaboratively with individuals, families and the community. Wildwood empowers children with neurologically based learning disabilities, autism and other developmental disorders to live independent, productive and fulfilling lives. What began as a program for a handful of pre-school age children has grown into an organization that provides comprehensive supports and services to over 3,700 individuals and families every year.

Specifically, Wildwood provides educational, family support, supported employment, adult education, day habilitation, community habilitation, recreational, residential, service coordination, and educational consulting services to children, youth, adults, and their respective families, with an array of disabilities and needs. Through this array of services Wildwood has worked hard to develop a holistic continuum of services to address needs across the lifespan.

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Wildwood Programs was founded by families who created innovative supports and creative services as the needs of their children were identified. We work hard to continue to partner with families and connect them and their loved one with appropriate, quality supports. One way we do this is through the Parent Network of the Capital Region (PNCR).

PNCR provides parents and family members of children with disabilities information, resources and strategies to:
-Promote meaningful involvement in their child’s educational programs including information regarding the special education process (referrals for special education, individual evaluations, individualized education programs or IEP development and transition planning);
-Assist parents in understanding their child’s disabilities;
-Promote early resolution of disputes between parents and school districts;
-Promote the use of resolution sessions and special education mediations;
-Assist in understanding procedural due process rights;
-Enhance parents’ skills and levels of confidence to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with their schools to advocate for and actively participate in their child’s education program.

You can find more information about PNCR here: http://www.pncrny.org/

Children as young as three and adults enjoying their senior years receive supports and services in every life area in an environment where they are accepted, respected, and valued. Rather than developing programs based on labels or diagnoses, Wildwood has developed programs based on each person’s characteristics, likes and dislikes and unique personality. Wildwood partners with families and offers supports and services that are individualized and tailored in a comprehensive way for each person.
Throughout its history Wildwood has maintained a commitment to advocating for needed supports and services for individuals having developmental disabilities, complex learning disabilities and autism.

In addition to our own advocacy efforts, Wildwood has strong affiliations with local, state and national organizations such as the Learning Disabilities Association of New York State, the New York State Association of Community and Residential Agencies, and the New York State Rehabilitation Association, all of which are dedicated to enriching and strengthening the lives of people having disabilities.

Together with these organizations Wildwood works diligently to speak for and protect the rights, status and interests of the people it serves.

Looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity? Join a Wildwood Programs or Foundation Committee! Gifts of time and talent make an enormous impact and joining a committee is a great way to use your expertise to benefit a deserving organization while learning more about the mission of Wildwood.

Committee Opportunities:

Development- Provides input and guidance with respect to the development and implementation of fundraising initiatives, business plans, and public relations intended to promote the mission.
Events- Assists in the overall planning, implementation and promotion of Wildwood Foundation Events.

Facilities- Provides general oversight and direction as to the conditions and development of Wildwood’s facilities and grounds.
Finance- Assist the Board in overseeing all matters relating to the financial condition of Wildwood and making recommendations concerning the financial feasibility of projects, acts and undertakings referred to it by the Board.

Government Advocacy- Articulates and advocates for the needs of individuals with neurological impairments and related learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and autism, and their families, with government leaders and the legislature.
Human Resources- Provides support and advice to Wildwood’s management and Board of Directors regarding the welfare and benefit of the Corporation’s employees.

Investment- Provides direction to the investment of the Foundation’s assets.

Planned Giving- Assist in developing, implementing and maintaining a planned giving program through the Corporation, in order to strengthen the financial security of Wildwood Programs
For more information on any of the above opportunities, please contact Lauren Roecker, Director of Wildwood Foundation at 518-836- 2319 or lroecker@wildwoodprograms.org

Teach Adult Ed- Do you love helping others grow in their education? Have a skill you would be interested in teaching others? Or looking for a potential internship in education? Then Wildwood’s Adult Ed Program maybe the perfect fit for you. This program offers numerous courses ranging from GED classes to cooking classes and everything in between. If you see a class you think you may be interested in teaching or if you have a skill you think would be great if shared with others, please contact us today!

For more information please contact:
Melinda Burns
518-640- 3352

Work-Based Learning: Work-Based Learning provides all transition-aged students (ages 14-21) at Wildwood School opportunities to progress in the New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies learning standards.

Day Habilitation: Provides an environment where each participant can be involved in meaningful activities that allow them to grow and learn, pursue personal goals and interests, gain greater independence and make a contribution to their community.

Pre-Vocational Services: Hands on Community-based services that support individuals in making final preparations for paid work.

Employment Services: Wildwood’s Vocational Services team provides businesses with competent employees and provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to thrive in the workforce.

Adult Education Program: Facilitates individualized and group learning experiences that help individuals participate more fully in their own communities. Courses are designed to meet the needs of the students and are organized for a diversity of learning styles.

Farm & Outdoor Program: Located on a 60-acre farm in Voorheesville, the program fosters a variety of experiences and work skills while participants learn about farming, green industry skills, and landscaping.

Wildwood School: A private, not-for-profit day program for students between the ages of 5 to 21. Approximately 220 students from 60 school districts in 14 counties are educated annually at the school.

After School Program: Offers a variety of recreational/social activities to students Monday-Friday after their school day ends and full day supports during school breaks and summer.

Community Habilitation Services: Provides individual support services for both children and adults who are either living at home with their families or living independently in their own residences.

Family and Community Services(FCS): Assists families by providing information and referral, educational advocacy, guidance in negotiating the disability service system, and supportive counseling on an individual and group basis.

Medicaid Service Coordination: Assists individuals in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services.

Recreational / Respite Services: Offers activities for individuals of all ages. The goals of the program include not only enjoyment of leisure time, but also socialization and -Residential Services: Serves individuals with all levels of disability and are designed to provide individuals with the highest quality services while providing the feeling that where they live is truly a home.

Parent Network of the Capital Region: One of thirteen special education parent technical assistance centers throughout the state, funded by a grant from the New York State Education Department. The mission of the PNCR is to provide parents with the knowledge, skills, resources and support to effectively advocate for their children and to facilitate productive relationships between parents and school districts for the benefit of students with disabilities.

For more information or to apply for services contact Wildwood’s intake coordinator at 640-3356 or email them at info@wildwood.edu

The Capital District Garden & Flower Show is a spring time tradition that started 30 years ago by Wildwood Programs. In 1987 a group of dedicated staff and volunteers created a community based fundraising event that provided opportunities for the individuals we support to participate in while raising important funds. During the modest beginning, there were just five landscape exhibits, a handful of vendors and several generous sponsors. Though small at first with just 4,500 visitors, it was the start of something very important for Wildwood and this region.

In 2017 the Capital District Garden & Flower Show celebrated 30 years and is now more vibrant than ever thanks to the following supporters and sponsors who continue to nurture it and allow it to flourish. Many have been with the show since the beginning and are responsible for its continued growth and success.

Over the years there have been changes to match industry trends and consumer interest, however the one constant is the strong foundation and goals established by the event creators in 1987. The Capital District Garden & Flower Show gives the Wildwood staff and volunteers the chance to talk face-to-face with the general public about the programs they offer and gives the visitors of the show a chance to meet some of the people Wildwood proudly serves. A portion of each ticket sold benefits Wildwood as they continue to pursue their mission.

You can visit Wildwood Programs at their booth at the Capital District Garden & Flower Show. There you will find plants raised on their farm and wood working projects they have created. You will see the pride that went into the effort!

After all these years, the Capital District Garden & Flower Show is an important fundraiser for Wildwood Programs, although it is no longer produced by the organization. The event is a production of SpringThyme Marketing, a local firm committed to the original vision of its creators and contributes a portion of ticket sales to support Wildwood Programs.